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In the NewsMedia ReleasesVaping| May 17, 2024

OurFutures Vaping program showcased by Federal Ministers

  (L-R) Kate Ross Senior Research Program Officer, Professor Cath Chapman, Ken Wallace CEO OurFutures Institute, The Honourable Federal Education…
May 17, 2024Read More
Vaping| March 13, 2024

How to have a conversation with your teen about vaping

Young people may be exposed to e-cigarettes (“vapes”) via friends, social media, or other sources. Ongoing open, honest communication with…
March 13, 2024Read More
Vaping| March 12, 2024

What’s happening with Australia’s vape laws?

You may have heard about the vape (“e-cigarette”) bans being implemented across Australia. The federal government’s approach to address the…
March 12, 2024Read More
Prevention Programs for studentsVaping| December 11, 2023

Behind the research: What does “evidence-based” really mean?

What do we really mean when we say that the OurFutures programs are evidence-based and clinically proven? These could come…
December 11, 2023Read More
Vaping| November 27, 2023

The influence of social media on vape use

Exposure to e-cigarette advertisements has been shown to significantly increase susceptibility to vaping amongst adolescents . A recent study published…
November 27, 2023Read More
Vaping| November 1, 2023

Vaping infographic

Here is a handy vaping infographic with 5 vaping facts you may not know. Share with your students and see…
November 1, 2023Read More
Vaping| September 22, 2023

What are the known risks of vaping?

Vapes are often seen to be the lesser of two evils when compared with tobacco cigarettes. This has partly driven…
September 22, 2023Read More
Vaping| September 22, 2023

Worldwide Policy Trends to Ban Vaping

Numerous European countries are contemplating banning e-cigarettes. France has announced that it will ban disposable vapes as part of its…
September 22, 2023Read More
Vaping| September 22, 2023

Australia Leads the world with Vaping Crackdown

Australia has taken a bold step forward in tackling the vaping crisis currently facing many countries throughout the world, through…
September 22, 2023Read More
Vaping| September 22, 2023

The Burden on Schools, and Tips on How to Tackle Vaping in Schools

Schools’ Experiences with Youth Vaping A University of Melbourne study into educator’s perceptions of vapes found after surveying 218 school…
September 22, 2023Read More