Mental Health Education Course for Students


The clinically proven OurFutures Mental Health prevention program empowers high school students and teens with strategies to prevent, identify, and deal with the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Co-designed with students and teachers, the OurFutures Mental Health prevention program is an education course that uses realistic cartoons to give teens the understanding and skills they need to self-monitor, manage emotions and stress, and access support and help.

How it works

  • Highly relatable cartoon storylines based on young people’s experiences.
  • Interactive activities encourage teens to apply the skills they learn in preparation for future experiences.
  • Information worksheets, class discussion, role plays, and homework activities ignite conversations and deepen topic understanding.

What students learn about

  • Identifying signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Realistic thinking and how these skills can positively influence mental health.
  • Activity scheduling and facing fears.
  • Assertiveness and responding to stressful situations.
  • Structured problem-solving and behavioural experiments.
  • Review and help-seeking.

What students say

We asked high school students why they liked the OurFutures Mental Health prevention program.

Highly relatable characters and storylines

“Really fun and a better way of learning about mental health instead of the droopy sad way.”

“Being able to relate to student situations increases the chance of the use of the strategies shared.”

Practical advice for real life

“Teaches you how to deal with personal problems that you may not want to talk about.”

“Helps deal with school problems and outside problems, so I know how to handle almost any stressful problem.”

Recommended years

Years 7, 8, 9, and 10 *
*It is recommended that the Mental Health Module be delivered in combination with the Alcohol and Cannabis Module.’


Six 40-minute lessons, including a 20-minute cartoon story and teacher-facilitated activities.

Evidence rating

Mental Health Menu, Level 4 (Highest)


The OurFutures Mental Health prevention program is mapped to national and state-based Health and Physical Education curricula. Visit our directory to view the curriculum mapping for your state.

Proven Student benefits

  • Improved knowledge of mental health.
  • Slowed progression of anxiety symptoms.*

*When the OurFutures Alcohol & Cannabis and OurFutures Mental Health programs are delivered together.

View the evidence


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