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We all know that mental health is a huge problem for our youth. And we all know that alcohol and other drugs, including vaping, play a significant role in poor mental health. Based at the University of Sydney, OurFutures Institute is a not-for-profit that provides proven online evidence-based prevention programs for high school students.

Prof. Maree TessonDirector, OurFutures Institute

Our Mission

We believe in the power of young people, their potential to shape the future and the responsibility we all share in guiding them towards a brighter tomorrow. It’s why we’re dedicated to positively influencing young people to make informed decisions for their physical and mental wellbeing and futures – in the moments that matter most.

Our Story

OurFutures Institute was founded in partnership with researchers at the University of Sydney’s Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use with support from the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

Our innovative online school-based education courses are the result of almost two decades of research and extensive randomised controlled clinical trials to deliver the most effective, universally accessible, and relevant content aligned with the latest evidence.

We invite you to explore our prevention programs and begin your journey to empowering our young people. We’re working towards a world where every young person is happy, functioning, and confident – fostering a brighter tomorrow for everyone..

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The Research Team

The OurFutures model was developed by Professor Teesson and Professor Newton, alongside their colleagues from the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, the University of Sydney, and the University of New South Wales.

The team continues to develop the OurFutures programs based on the best available evidence and evaluate them using meticulously designed clinical trials.

Meet the Team

Why OurFutures Institute are leading the way in school-based prevention programs

  • Engaging content using relatable situations.
  • Aligned with national and state Health and Physical Education Curricula.
  • Efficient and effective resource.
  • No training needed – easy to implement.
  • Based on the latest evidence-based research.
  • Innovative and effective lesson formats.
  • Clinically proven through randomised controlled trials.
  • Promotes positive actions and risk reduction.
  • Alcohol cannabis module reported reduced psychological distress.
  • Peer-to-peer learning approach.
  • Makes tricky and complex topics accessible.
  • Fun and engaging.
  • Adopts a harm minimisation approach to prevention.
  • Responding to emerging issues at scale.
  • Online and universally accessible.
  • Empowering young people.
  • Lobbying government with a powerful voice.
Local focus global reach

Our online youth prevention programs have attracted the attention of schools worldwide. We collaborate with international teams to translate lesson content into local languages and ensure relevance to varying international contexts. Please get in touch with our team to learn more.

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Awards for OurFutures Prevention Programs

The researchers behind the OurFutures prevention programs have received almost 70 awards for developing, evaluating, and distributing our alcohol and
drug prevention programs for young people. The development and evaluation of our education courses were made possible through several research grants and fellowships.

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Our school-based Alcohol and Drug Education Courses are endorsed by the government and numerous organisations.

Schools We Work With

We work with schools from all over the country and all sectors. Here are some of the schools who are using OurFutures to help their high school students.