Cannabis & Psychostimulants Prevention Program for Students


The clinically proven OurFutures Cannabis & Psychostimulants prevention program is an education course that empowers high school students and teens to deal with possible future experiences involving cannabis and psychostimulants safely and responsibly in context with their lives.

Co-designed with students and teachers and based on the principles of effective drug education, this course uses realistic cartoon stories to give teens the essential knowledge, understanding and skills they need to prevent or reduce drug-related harms.

How it works

  • Highly relatable cartoon storylines based on young people’s experiences.
  • Interactive exercises encourage teens to apply the skills they learn in preparation for future experiences.
  • Information worksheets, class discussion, role plays, and homework activities ignite conversations and deepen topic understanding.

What students learn

  • Drug classification:
    • What is cannabis?
    • What is a psychostimulant?
  • Prevalence of cannabis and psychostimulant use.
  • Influences on drug use.
  • Impacts of drug use on health and well-being.
  • Myths and facts about drug use.
  • Supporting yourself and others.
  • Reducing drug-related harm.
  • Drug use and the law.

What students say

We asked high school students why they liked the OurFutures Cannabis & Psychostimulants Prevention program.

Relatable characters and storylines

“I liked how it was teens dealing with it, not randoms, and that they were Aussie.”

“The storyline was entertaining while still giving information on drugs, letting me learn easier while still having fun.” 

Practical advice for real life

“The life lessons it gives us without us making the mistakes.”

“Teaches people the consequences and cautions when it comes to cannabis & psychostimulants.”

Informative and factual

“Helps you understand why you should not take drugs.”

“Goes through many of the side effects of the drugs.”

Recommended years

Years 9, 10, and 11*

*As a wellbeing initiative


Six 40-minute lessons, including a 20-minute cartoon story and teacher-facilitated activities.

Evidence rating

This resource is supported by one published study.


The OurFutures Cannabis & Psychostimulants education course  is mapped to Australian and state curricula. Visit our directory to view the curriculum mapping for your state.

Proven Student benefits

  • Increased knowledge about cannabis and psychostimulants.
  • Decreased pro-drug attitudes.
  • Reduced cannabis use frequency in female students.
  • Halting the uptake and frequency of ecstasy use
View the evidence


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