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About the OurFutures
Vaping Prevention Program

The OurFutures Vaping Prevention Program aims to empower young people to say “no” to e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes and improve their physical and mental wellbeing and futures.

Co-designed with educators and teens, this innovative high school Vaping Prevention Program provides modern wisdom to educate, ignite conversations, and promote positive choices.

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A Gold standard in vaping prevention education

The OurFutures Vaping Prevention Program, currently being trialled across 40 Australian high schools and 5,000+ students, uses the same prevention education methodology as our award-winning evidenced-based alcohol and drug prevention programs. The program is being rigorously evaluated in a cluster randomised control trial.

OurFutures Vaping Prevention Program

Developed by the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use at the University of Sydney.

Aligned with the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

Over 5,000 Year 7 & 8 students across 40 schools
in NSW, QLD, and WA.

Randomised controlled trial – 50% of students receive the intervention, with 50% in the control group.

Vaping Prevention Program timeline

Mid-Late 2024

OurFutures Vaping Prevention Program Early Access to pre-registered schools.


OurFutures Vaping Prevention Program accessible to all Australian schools.

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