Vaping Education for High School Students


Adolescent vaping is a concerning issue for schools around the world. To address this issue, the research team at the University of Sydney’s Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use have co-designed the OurFutures Vaping Prevention Program with educators and students, using the best available evidence. The OurFutures Vaping prevention program is undergoing evaluation in a cluster randomised controlled trial across 40 schools in NSW, QLD, and WA. This trial is Australia’s most rigorous evaluation of a vaping prevention program.

How it works

This innovative vaping education program for high school students uses a social influence and harm-minimisation prevention approach across four lessons, each featuring:

  • a realistic and engaging illustrated cartoon story
  • activities, including class discussion prompts, role plays, quizzes, and worksheets.
  • summary sheets to reinforce key content
  • teacher resources to support delivery

Explore what’s in each vaping lesson

Recommended years

Years 7 and 8


Four 40-minute lessons, including a 20-minute cartoon story.


The OurFutures Vaping Prevention Program aligns with the national and state-based Health and Physical Education curricula. Visit our insights to view the curriculum mapping for your state.

Register your interest and be part of the OurFutures Vaping Program Early Access

The Early Access scheme is limited to 250 Australian high schools in 2024, subject to the OurFutures Vaping prevention program demonstrating efficacy in the research trial.

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