OurFutures Vaping Prevention Module

The OurFutures Vaping Prevention Program is the first trial of a school-based eHealth prevention program targeting adolescent e-cigarette use in Australia.

Based on the best available evidence and aligned with the Health and Physical Education curriculum, the OurFutures Vaping Program aims to empower young people to say no to e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes and improve their health and wellbeing.

The program is being evaluated in a cluster randomised controlled trial with 40 schools across NSW, QLD and WA. This is the first rigorous evaluation of a school-based vaping prevention program in Australia. 

Some important information about the trial.

  • There are other vaping prevention programs in Australia however, they are not evaluated as extensively as ours is. Our trial is the gold standard.
  • ~5,000  students in the trial from 40 schools across 3 states (NSW, WA, QLD) 
  • 50% of the students will receive the intervention whilst the other 50% will be in the control group
You can download a pdf overview to share: OurFutures Vaping Prevention program

Early access scheme

We have implemented an early access scheme for the OurFutures vaping program for up to 250 schools. The availability of the vaping program as part of this scheme will be dependent on data demonstrating efficacy within the trial. Subject to the trial interim results we are expecting to have the program ready in mid-late 2024. 

We aim to be in a position in Jan/Feb 2024 to share an update on this. 

If you’d like to register or express an interest in our early access program or updates on our trial: please follow the link below. 

Register for early access  


Program and lesson overview

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