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We understand how busy teachers are, and how important it is to not add to a workload that is already packed full. The OurFutures eHealth courses are a great addition to health class if you’re looking for high-quality, evidence-based, time-saving content that makes a difference.

This blog post will outline some common queries we’ve had regarding the time and space that teachers have available for our content.

Where do teachers have the time to do this?

  • The OurFutures modules save teachers time because our courses are curriculum-aligned and were co-designed with teachers to ensure they are easy to implement. Students can work through the modules individually, as a class, or a mixture of both. Each lesson is divided into two parts: the online cartoon (approximately 20 minutes each), and the optional activities. The cartoons are pre-programmed, ensuring all students receive evidence-based education without requiring further research efforts by teachers. The optional activities come in a variety of formats (e.g., online interactive activities, worksheets, role plays) to suit different delivery times with minimal preparation required from teachers. Some activities can also be used as homework or assignments. If teachers prefer, they can read through the teacher summary sheets which provide all the educational content for that lesson, but this is not necessary.

What needs to be removed from the curriculum to fit this in? The curriculum is already overloaded.

  • Nothing! The OurFutures program is curriculum-aligned, so nothing needs to be removed from the curriculum to fit this in. It is simply incorporated into PDHPE/health class. The program was also co-designed with teachers to ensure it is easy to implement. Teachers can access links to curriculum outlines for each module to see which learning outcomes are addressed.

Shouldn’t this content be on the parents? This is a parenting issue, teachers have enough*

  • There are lots of lessons that can be taught both at home, and at school. We create educational material for teachers and schools, and the evidence shows that school-based eHealth interventions are an efficient, effective and economical approach. Schools are the ideal environment for substance use prevention initiatives, as they are able to reach large numbers of young people, and can intervene before harms occur. Our school-based prevention interventions have been proven to be effective in preventing, delaying, and reducing substance use and associated harms.

*(this query more specifically refers to our Vaping module in clinical trial).

If you have any questions regarding our courses, contact us.

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