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Prevention Programs for studentsVaping| September 21, 2023

Background Information about the OurFutures Vaping Trial

Effective and scalable prevention approaches are urgently needed to address the rapidly increasing rates of e-cigarette use among adolescents. School-based…
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Curriculum and School AccessPrevention Programs for students| August 10, 2023

Curriculum Mapping: How our online programs are linked to the National & State Curricula

We often get asked how our programs are mapped to the Australian & State curriculums.  Here's a handy list of…
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Curriculum and School AccessPrevention Programs for students| July 26, 2023

Victorian schools can access OurFutures for free through the Mental Health Menu

The Victorian government has invested $217.8 million over four years to support student mental health and wellbeing, including $200 million…
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AlcoholDrug useVapingWebinars| July 19, 2023

WEBINAR: What Works: Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping, and Other Drug Education in Schools

In this webinar, you will hear from Australia’s leading experts on what works in school based drug education. Find out…
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Prevention Programs for studentsVaping| June 17, 2023

VAPING: The first rigorous evaluation of a school-based vaping prevention program in Australia.

The OurFutures Vaping Program is a school-based eHealth program co-designed with young people, teachers, and experts in the field, to…
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AlcoholDrug useYouth Mental Health| June 17, 2023

The Big Six modifiable factors for youth mental health

What if there was a key that held the answer to improving the mental health of Australian adolescents? Well, it…
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AlcoholPrevention Programs for students| June 17, 2023

The 7-Year Effectiveness of School-Based Alcohol Use Prevention

At 7-year follow-up, students in all 3 intervention groups reported reduced odds of alcohol-related harms compared to the control group…
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Drug use| May 17, 2023

Evolving Drug Laws in Australia

Australia's approach to drug laws has undergone significant changes in recent years, reflecting a global shift towards more progressive and…
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AlcoholDrug useYouth Mental Health| May 15, 2023

The Importance of Prevention in Mental Health and Substance Use

How often do we hear fire alarms and practice drills in schools, workplaces and apartment buildings? We practice these drills…
May 15, 2023Read More
Vaping| January 1, 1970

How to Tackle Vaping in Schools: Some tips from Matilda Centre’s Vaping expert, Dr. Emily Stockings

Arm yourself with the facts so you can have frank, non-judgmental conversations. Positive Choices Factsheet NSW Health Factsheet Start a…
January 1, 1970Read More