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Innovative and engaging evidence-based health education courses to empower students to improve their health and wellbeing

Year 8


  • Alcohol, the law and underage drinking
  • The influence of contextual factors on teenage alcohol use
  • Risks of alcohol use and strategies for seeking help
  • Myths and facts about alcohol
  • Strategies teenagers can use to keep themselves and others safe in a variety of real-life situations
  • First-aid and decision-making skills to promote health and safety

Year 8/9

Alcohol & Cannabis

  • Alcohol and the law
  • The effects of alcohol consumption and strategies to minimise harm
  • What is cannabis & why do people use it?
  • What are the effects of cannabis use?
  • Consequences of alcohol and cannabis use
  • Seeking help

Year 9/10*

Cannabis & Psychostimulants

  • Drug classification, prevalence and effects
  • Classification and influences on drug use
  • Impacts of drug use on health and wellbeing
  • Supporting yourself and others
  • Reducing drug-related harm
  • Future decisions

*This Module can also be delivered in Year 11 as a wellbeing initiative

Year 8/9/10*

Mental Health

  • Identifying anxiety and depression
  • Realistic thinking and how these skills can positively influence mental health
  • Activity scheduling and facing fears
  • Assertiveness and responding to stressful situations
  • Structured problem solving and behavioural experiments
  • Review and help seeking

*It is recommended that the Mental Health Module be delivered in combination with the Alcohol and Cannabis Module.

Year 10+

MDMA & Emerging Drugs

  • Drug classification, prevalence and risk
  • The impact of MDMA and emerging drugs
  • Making choices and effective communication skills
  • Seeking help for drug-related emergencies

*This Module can also be delivered in Year 11 as a wellbeing initiative



  • Diet
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep Duration
  • Screen Time
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking


Parenting information module

  • A program for parents that coincides with our Alcohol module 



  • This program is currently being evaluated in a cluster randomised controlled trial with 40 schools across NSW, QLD and WA. This is the first rigorous evaluation of a school-based vaping prevention program in Australia.

Each module contains

Realistic cartoon storylines

Interactive exercises

Information sheets

Class & homework activities

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