The 7-Year Effectiveness of School-Based Alcohol Use Prevention

At 7-year follow-up, students in all 3 intervention groups reported reduced odds of alcohol-related harms compared to the control group (odds ratios [ORs] = 0.13−0.33), and the Climate (OR = 0.04) and Preventure (OR = 0.17) groups reported lower odds of hazardous alcohol use. The Preventure group also reported lower odds of weekly alcohol use compared to the control group (OR = 0.17), and the Climate group reported lower odds of binge drinking (OR = 0.12), holding mean baseline levels constant.

This study demonstrated that both universal and selective preventive interventions delivered in schools can have long-lasting effects and reduce risky drinking and related harms into adulthood. No added benefit was observed by delivering the combined interventions.

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